Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toddler color collage packets

Yellow collage

Here is a fun and easy way to let your toddlers make a collage. We have been making one of these a week focusing on a different color each time. I think the best part is searching the house for a specific color of materials we can use in them :0)

To get started you will need:
Clear contact paper

Collage materials (we used all one color)
and of course scissors.
Cut off two pieces of contact paper making sure they are the same size (one for top one for bottom). And here's the fun part, search the house high and low for the collage materials! It was a lot of fun taking my little guys around looking for specific colors of objects :) Lay the bottom piece of contact paper on a flat surface along with the collage goodies and let them go at it. I love watching them sticking their hands on and pulling their hands off the the contact paper! It's so funny! When they are done just lay the second sheet over it and seal as best you can. I used tape all the way around the edges of our just to be sure it won't open up.
Here are some pics of a few we have done!

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