Friday, May 20, 2011

Discovery Basket

Our discovery basket
I came across a great blog a couple weeks ago and since can't find it anywhere in the cyber world (go figure). The blog had an amazing basket set up with all sorts of things for little ones to discover. I loved it so much I put one together for my little darlings!
Our discovery basket contains:
Pine cone
Playing card
A bottle with Popsicle sticks in it
Pie tin
Paper bag
A block from our marble run blocks
2 plastic eggs
Blush brush
Yellow plastic netting
Wooden ring
2 misc. plastic containers that open and close
i spy bag
Ball that rolls wobbly
Fabric ball with bells and ribbon
Pastry cutter
As you can see I have filled it with many different materials with a multitude of textures, colors, uses, weight... and so on and so on.
Here's the bag being used...
the bag being used again...

and again! I think they have a favorite :0)

But it's all fun to explore!
  I plan to change out the baskets contents every week to keep it new and exciting!