Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Indoor Play Area's

I thought I would give you all a tour of our indoor play area's. It is a work in progress and I am still in the process of weaving out our plastic toys. I plan to keep a couple such as the little people toys just because they are so loved by the daycare kids.
Our playstand that hubby and I built.

Car racer, playsilks, little people farm, tree blocks, bucket of little people toys.
Drop and roll ball toy, stacking toy, number bean bags, bead maze, misc. balls, bilibo, xylophone.
Sensory table hubby and I built, a box to play in, and blocks.
Unit blocks and cardboard blocks.
This is where my two's (and sometimes E who is 9) eat, play, do art, and learn.

Our nature basket right now holds a stick, rock, leaf, pine cone, dinosaur, and a sand dollar.

Our shelf (which I would love to replace) has a pound a ball, hideaway people, q-tip toy, ring stacker, rainbow stacker, books (that have been chewed on by my puppy) and a few puzzles.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. I am always open for any suggestions anyone may have. I love fresh and new ideas!

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