Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dyeing playsilks with kool-aid

Playsilks! That wonderful open ended toy that can be wings to fly, a dolly blanket, a table cloth, fort walls, a cape for your little super hero, or just about anything! We absolutely LOVE ours :0)
So here is how I did it...

First get your plain playsilks. I bought mine at and got the 30" X 30". You will also need:
lots of vinegar
hot water
kool-aid 2 packs per color (at last... a use for this stuff)
glass bowel

1. Add one cup of vinegar and 4 cups of very hot water to a glass bowel. Put one playsilk in the bowel to soak while getting the dye ready.
2. In a measuring cup mix one cup of vinegar, two packs of kool-aid, and a cup of very hot water. Mix it up and pour in the glass bowel with the silk.
3. With gloved hands or a wooden spoon stir it up and swirl it around for about 5 minutes or until the silk has soaked up most the color. Be careful not to ball up the silk tightly as this will make your color very uneven.
4. Once the silk has soaked up most the color you are ready for the fun part... hahaha! Rinsing the excess color out! Under cold water rinse and wring the silk until the water runs clear. The red can take a really looooong time!
5. Hang up to dry.
6. Time to play with them!
Here are the results

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